For as long as I can remember photography has always been a large part of my life. As a little girl I spent hours on the living room floor flipping through the pages of old photo albums. I remember seeing photographs of my mother as a child and wondering what her life was like back then. I would go through the albums my mother had made, from the early days of her relationship with my father, creating stories to go along with the images on each page. These childhood moments shaped my love for photography.


When I was in the third grade my mother bought me my very own camera, a long, thin, pink, camera with a holographic sticker of Barbie that ran across the top. That winter my family went to Wisconsin and I saw snow for the first time. Growing up in Florida this was one of my most exciting moments of my childhood. Within moment of leaving the airport I had already shot and entire roll of film, each one a different view or angle of the snow on the ground. I was mesmerized by the glistening white dust that covered the ground and I wanted to be able to remember these moments for as long as I lived. I used shot a handful of rolls of film that trip and shortly after arriving home my camera broke and needless to say I was devastated.


After making it back from Wisconsin I spent a weekend at my fathers, after telling him all about my new found love for my pink Barbie camera he pulled out an old box full of cameras and flashes. There were three cameras, none of which worked any longer, and a box of old cube flashes. I spend hours playing, pretending I was a high fashion photographer capturing models on the run way. I would run around outside pretending to be a wildlife photographer as I stalked the ducks by the pond. Even without the film to capture these images, I was in love.


My love continued to grow as I grew. In High school I spent the majority of my time in the dark room developing prints. I would skip class and sneak off campus to explore and photograph abandoned houses, cow fields, the beach, whatever I could get to. I photographed my friends, pets, family dinners; my camera was always by my side.


After high school I started to really pursue photography and I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to get involved with photographing live shows. I was able to capture the performance of up and coming names like the Devil Wears Prada as well as some more established bands like Modest Mouse. I worked with emerging clothing companies, photographing models wearing their clothing. I was also fortunate to start working with a few amateur models as we each built our portfolios.


As I got older I started focusing more on the moments in life that tell our stories. The moments that you want to look back on and tell your grand kids about. This is where I am today, camera in hand and a passion in my heart to tell the world your story. There are many moments that only happen once in a life time; your son turning one or your daughter saying “I do”, these are the moments that you want to have, for ever, to look back and enjoy as you share them with your friends and family.


Photography to me is more than pressing the shutter release, it is creating the images of your life. From opening day of your new business to welcoming a new puppy to the family, don’t let these moments pass you by.